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Weekly Family Devotions

“While the timing and regularity might be different for every family and even shift as families enter different life stages, every Christian family should have some regular time to meet where the main purpose is spiritual growth.”  (Family Discipleship, pg. 88)
For parents desire that their children grow into young adults who love the Lord and follow Him wholeheartedly, research indicates that reading the Bible and praying regularly as a child substantially impacts his or her spiritual life as an adult. Parents can encourage and model Bible reading and prayer through family devotions. Family devotions are a practical way to incorporate both reading the Bible and prayer.

What Is a Family Devotion?  Family devotions are a time of worship.  They look different for each family. One family’s devotion time may look different than another family’s devotion time. The family’s schedule, number of children, and age of children are some of the factors that impact what each family’s devotion looks like. Typically, a family devotion time includes reading a story from the Bible, a fun learning activity, and praying.

Right now, you may be thinking, "I don't think I can lead my family in Bible study and prayer."  Yes, you can.  You only have to be once step ahead of your family to lead them.  You can utilize resources, prepare, and grow as you lead your family.  Check out these resources that will help you lead your family well.

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