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Monthly Serving Opportunities

Serving together as a family sets the stage for your kids to see that their faith actually works and has real world applications.   Serving with your kids also shows them that what your believe should lead you to love others with your actions.  

Every family with kids of every age can serve Jesus together.

With preschool kids, shop for and pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Preschoolers love toys and understand the value of a baby doll or a ball.  When you purchase gifts for kids around the world and let your little one know why you are doing it and participate in it, you teach them that giving and serving is what your family does.

With elementary aged kids, serving together is easy.  Join one of our community partners regularly such as the Food Bank and kids will see that life isn't just about them and they will see that others have needs that they can meet.  Elementary aged kids can also serve with you when you serve at church.    This helps them learn that church isn't just something that we attend, but it is a family that we are a part of and contribute to by serving others.

Encouraging and leading our teenage kids to serve someone younger than them is a key step in their faith development.  It's through serving others that they own and develop their faith.  Research has shown that serving while in High School is the #1 thing that will predict whether your young adult will stay connected to their faith in college or the workforce.  

Take initiative now and make your family's plan to serve each month.

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